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Mohr IP Law - Credit Card Payment Form

Use the form below to submit credit card information to Mohr IP Law for payment. We will process your payment shortly after receiving your information. Please know that there is a 3% transaction fee for payments made by credit card. Thus, if your invoice amount is $100 we will run your card for $103 to cover that processing fee.

Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

Enter the information below the same as on the credit card being used.

Contact Information

First Name: *


Last Name: *


Address: *


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ZIP: *




Email Address: *


Project Code:


(Project Code Example: if known, e.g. Smith.301)




Payment and Credit Card Information

Enter the credit card and payment information below.

Card Type *

Credit Card Number: *


Expiration Month: *

Expiration Year: *


Security Code: *

(CVV number on the back of card near signature area.)


Payment Amount ($): *

NOTE: Actual amount charged will be the payment amount * 3% processing fee.





NOTE: By submitting the above information you are authorizing Mohr IP Law Solutions, P.C. to charge the credit card listed for the amount entered plus 3% and apply that payment to the project indicated above (e.g. $100 will be charged $103.00).


It may take a moment to submit your information. Please wait for a confirmation message.

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