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Something to Smile About!
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Zoom Whitening Anniversary Special Ending Soon!
December is your last chance to take advantage of our Zoom! Whitening special pricing of $270 with a $50 mail-in rebate. Give us call today and get scheduled! If you can’t make it in this month, we are offering a couple ways to still take advantage of our special pricing. Give our office a call and pre-pay before December 31st, 2017 and we can schedule you for a Zoom! Whitening appointment in 2018. You can also purchase an Aspire Dental gift certificate by December 31st, 2017 that will be good through December 31st of 2018 for the Zoom! Whitening special pricing of $270.

6th Annual Halloween Candy Buy Back is a Success!
Thank you everyone for helping make Aspire Dental’s 6th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back event a success!

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your commitment to making this event such a hit. It was Dr. Lisa and her team’s vision to help prevent cavities through our Halloween Candy Buy Back initiative. Thank you for bringing in your candy it went a long way towards helping make our vision a reality.

The following 3 lucky school prize package winners were
1st Place: The International School
2nd Place: McKay Elementary
3rd Place: Access Academy

We were able to buy back 115 pounds of Halloween candy! This candy is being donated to the deployed military troops and the Junior League of Portland’s Gingerbread Jamboree!

As we continue to reach out to the community in health awareness, we want you to be aware that your continued participation is a vital part of the success of this program. Your efforts are truly appreciated and we thank you for this. We look forward to seeing you next year!
Should You Worry if You Have a Toothache and a Fever?
Did you wake up with a toothache this morning, and you just feel icky overall? Then did you notice that you have a fever on top of the toothache? This could be your body's way of telling you that there is something wrong.

Commonly, when you have both a toothache and a fever, this is when you have a dental abscess. This is an infection that can be below or beside your tooth, and can be very dangerous to ignore. Abscesses can not only harm your oral health, but if they are left untreated, they can also hurt your overall health. If you think you may have a dental abscess, make sure to call our office today.

Signs Your Tooth Could Be Dying
Dying teeth cause problems in your mouth, and can significantly reduce your overall oral health. If you notice any signs that you may have a dying tooth, it is important that you come in and get seen right away. Most people notice pain in their tooth before it dies, but the level of pain ranges depending on the tooth and the person. Most teeth that are dying also become discolored. They can be a deep yellow, brown, or even become black. You will likely also notice a bad taste in your mouth, and a smell coming from the tooth, causing bad breath. If you notice these signs, call our office.

Something to Smile About!

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