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Something to Smile About!
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Win a $25 Gift Card to Tartberry
Which froyo is Dr. Lisa's froyo? Guess the right one and you could win a $25 gift card to TartBerry Frozen Yogurt! All correct guesses will be put into a drawing and 2 winners will each win a $25 gift card! Comment on Facebook with your guess to be entered! Entries must be received by Monday, July 31st, by 5:00 PM.


Happy Birthday!
July 1st marks Aspire Dental's 25th anniversary! That's right, Aspire dental has been around Portland for 25 years. It started with Dr. Kathleen Birchfield, DMD. She opened up her dental practice in downtown Portland. Dr. Kathleen was one of the first dentists in Portland to incorporate implant dentistry into her practice.

Upon retiring, Dr. Kathleen transitioned the practice to Dr. Magda D’Angelis- Morris, DMD. Dr. Magda continued the same high quality of care that patients came to appreciate. Dr. Magda decided on a career change and is now focusing on dental education- teaching future generations of dental professionals.

With Dr. Magda pursuing a different avenue in dentistry, Dr. Lisa Kakishita, DMD picked up where Dr. Magda left off and she hasn't looked back! Dr. Lisa has been practicing for over 15 years, with over 5 years and counting at Aspire Dental. Dr. Lisa continues to provide a high level of care that patients have come to appreciate and expect.

Aspire Dental is one of the only dental practices in Portland that has had every successive owner be a female. 3 female owners in and it doesn't look like it'll stop. Dr. Lisa's 7-year old daughter has laid claim to Aspire Dental when she grows up, if she doesn't become a zookeeper first. To celebrate 25 years, we're offering a Zoom In-Office Whitening special! Get a Hollywood-white smile in just one visit! See our flyer for details!
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Three Ways to Protect Your Enamel
The enamel is an important part of your teeth, so it is important to take steps to protect it. Consider employing some of the following strategies:

Brush gently. Brushing too aggressively can cause the enamel to wear down, so use gentle strokes and soft-bristled brush.
Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar is bad news when it comes to the teeth, as it will produce acid that will cause the enamel to soften and eventually wear away.
Avoid dry mouth. Saliva is crucial for keeping your mouth healthy, so make sure that your mouth is well lubricated in order to protect your teeth.

If you are concerned about the health of your enamel, contact your dentist to set up an appointment.

Anniversary Special- Zoom Whitening!
Something to Smile About!

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