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Emphasizing the connection between a healthy body, healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile!

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Protecting Your Mouth from Tooth Sensitivity
When your mouth becomes sensitive to heat, cold, or even tastes like sweet or bitter, it can make living difficult. You become afraid to eat, drink, and depending on the weather, you may even become nervous about going outside! Instead of living like that, you need to learn how to protect your mouth. Here are some of the best ways of protecting your mouth when it becomes sensitive.

Make Sure to Keep Up with Your Oral Hygiene Routine
A leading cause of tooth sensitivity is cavities. These often show up when something is missing from your oral hygiene routine. Make sure that you come in and see us for your regularly scheduled hygiene and exam appointment, plus keep up with your daily home care routine. This should include brushing twice (especially at night before bed), and flossing at least once a day.

Call Our Office When You First Notice Sensitive Teeth
One of the best ways of protecting your teeth is to make sure that you come in and see us when you first notice any sign of sensitivity. The best way to protect your teeth from the pain that comes from sensitive teeth is to have us correct the problem as soon as you notice it. We can look at the cause, then treat your teeth to help get rid of the pain. This may involve filling cavities, sealing your teeth, applying a desensitizing agent or changing your diet.

Call us today and let us help protect your teeth. We can help you live a life without sensitive tooth pain, and help keep your mouth healthy at the same time.

'Tis (Nearly) the Season
Offices and professional services across the country shower clients with boxes of sugary delights around the holidays. If your company makes annual gifts to clients, consider setting a new model for healthy holidays gifts by choosing to send a beautiful and healthy fruit basket instead.

The very offices you want to honor may be relieved and grateful to receive something fresh, healthy and different. And you'll help them avoid the extra pounds and cavities, too!

How to Protect Oral Tissues When a Tooth Gets Chipped
Having a chipped tooth can be both painful and painless at the same time. Most small chips in your teeth are not painful at all. You may not even notice them at first. However, that chip wearing back and forth against your oral tissues can really cause a sore spot.

If you have a chipped tooth, come in and see us. One of the best options for helping protect your mouth is to have us smooth the edges or fill the chip with dental bonding material. Until you can get into our office, use a small bit of dental wax on the area if it is sharp. This can cover the jagged edge and protect your mouth until you can come in for treatment.

Emphasizing the connection between a healthy body, healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile!

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