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Refresh Your Routine with New Toothpaste Flavors
Did you ever consider the fact that your toothpaste flavor rarely changes? When looking at toothpaste options, it is usually a sea of mint, mint, and more mint, but there are other options out there! If you change up what flavor of toothpaste you use, it can make the routine more exciting, and it can encourage you to brush better.

What Toothpaste Flavor Options Are Available?

When you want to change up your toothpaste flavors for a new experience, it is important to know what options you have. To make your decision, you should first think about things like you like the taste of. If you dislike mint, go with flavors like cinnamon, vanilla chai, citrus, or coconut lime. Do you like mint, but want something different? Try wintergreen, ginger mint, or licorice mint toothpaste. If you want a truly unique flavor, there are plenty of options out there, such as bacon, jasmine, cupcake, whiskey and chocolate toothpaste.

If you want to change up your dental hygiene routine, consider making the small change of switching up your toothpaste flavor. By being more conscious and present during your daily routine, you can make it to where you brush more carefully each day and keep your teeth healthy in the long-run.

How Often Should You Floss?
Have you ever wondered if you floss too often or too little? The truth is, you should make sure you floss your teeth really well, once per day. Flossing poorly twice per day does not make up the difference, and flossing too often is not good for your gums either. However, flossing properly once per day helps to protect your teeth and keep them clean. If you have questions about proper flossing technique, let us know! We can provide suggestions on how to improve and keep your smile healthy.

Eating Greens Helps Keep Your Teeth Clean
Do you go out of your way to make sure you eat lots of greens? You should because they can benefit your entire body, including your mouth. Green vegetables give you a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are difficult to come by naturally in other foods. Plus, they scrub your teeth cleaner as you chew them up. They are no substitute for proper oral hygiene, but they do help keep your teeth clean on a basic level. Plus, you also get extra hydration when you eat them. There you have it, three great reasons to eat an extra serving of greens today!


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