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The Great American Smokeout
November 17 is the day that the American Cancer Society has chosen to mark the 36th Great American Smokeout, a day when smokers are encouraged to quit or begin a plan to quit smoking.

Oral cancer kills one person per hour in this country alone, with over 36,000 new diagnoses each year, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. Of that number, only about half will be alive in five years.

Oral cancer is an equal-opportunity disease that crosses all demographic boundaries. Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed with a tumor in his throat in 2010 even though he quite smoking in 2006. The possibility of developing oral cancer is higher in those with a history of smoking than in those who never smoked but lower than those who don't quit.

According to the website for the Oral Cancer Foundation, "Oral cancer is routinely discovered late in its development" causing the death rate to be particularly high for this type of cancer.

If you are a smoker, there are ways to decrease your chances of becoming one of these grim statistics, in addition to quitting. Have regular dental checkups because early detection is key to increasing your chance of survival. Dentists can spot issues before you become aware of them yourself. Reduce your alcohol consumption and improve your diet; both are oral cancer risk factors.

Join the thousands of other Americans who plan to quit on November 17.

If you need support or would like additional resources for quitting, ask about smoking cessation programs through your employer, insurance carrier or local county health office. Or call us for resource recommendations.
What Is Bleachorexia?
Here's a case where more is definitely not better.

In their pursuit of the brightest smile money can buy, Americans are at risk of abusing the over-the-counter availability and relative affordability of whitening products.

Our staff shares your interest in achieving the best possible smile. But overuse can irritate your gums, leading to bleeding and receding. Your teeth may become thin and brittle, increase in sensitivity and even become translucent.

Give us a call if you'd to discuss the appropriate use of dental whiteners.

The Beauty of FSA's
A flexible savings account (FSA) allows you to pay for medical expenses not included in regular health insurance plans - such as certain dental, vision and alternative medical services - on a pre-tax basis.

An FSA often covers expenses that you end up paying yourself out of pocket. So, you might as well get some tax relief for it, right? Check with your employer for additional information on the company's FSA benefit and ask about the next open enrollment period.

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