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VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500
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Google is doing what?
Recently, the folks at Google have incorporated a pretty sizeable change in the formatting of their social media service, Google+, which will in turn have a pretty dramatic affect on how search results are presented for everyone in the near future.

So how big is this change? Some are calling it the "most radical transformation ever" to Google's search engine, which is quite telling, as Google makes changes on an almost daily basis to their systems. One expert went as far as to say that, "this will fundamentally change the way Google's search engines function."

So, what is the change? Google has labeled this update, "Search, plus Your World" and its primary goal is to have Google search results begin to incorporate relevant content from its social media network Google+, in addition to the standard results presented from the public internet. As an example, if you were to enter the search term "Mickey Mouse" into Google, all the regular links would pop up, but could now also be joined by pictures you posted on Google+ from your trip to Disney Land a few years ago, or blog articles from your friends regarding the famous cartoon character.

How will it affect my business? While this change will have the biggest affect on individual Google+ users, it is still definitely worth taking note of the updates for your business. In particular, this change will present a greatly enhanced focus on all things related to Google+ and in turn have a measured reduction of visibility for other social media outlets.

So, the main take away from this change is that Google+ is here to stay and will be taking an increasingly prominent role in terms of strategic internet marketing. With this in mind, you shouldn't abandon your efforts in Facebook and/or LinkedIn, but it definitely might be time to expand your social media strategies to include Google+, if you haven't already.

Here is a great link for additional information on how to utilize Google+ to enhance your businesses' web presence:

John C. Lack MBA – Web Marketing Strategist
Maximizing Your Website
With the recent rise in popularity of blogs and social media, it has been difficult for many organizations to stay in touch with the most critical piece of their overall web marketing strategy, their website. As obvious as this may sound, businesses tend to forget that their websites should serve as the foundational component that drives and supports all their other online efforts.

While the Facebooks and Twitters of the world can be highly effective, their goal is to provide additional methods for the business to connect with their clients and get them to the ultimate destination, the website. A Facebook page or blog simply cannot provide the in-depth content, detail and strategic messaging that a website can.

Some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the website include:

Fresh Content - How long has it been since you last updated the website? Just like your Facebook page, you need to keep content on the website updated, so you can maintain visitor interest.

Message Consistency - Are your social media pages and blog saying the same thing as your website? It is critical that your targeted content from the website is carried over to all your other channels.

Optimization - Is your website easy to find on Google? Blogs and social media can only boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts if there is already a solid strategy for the website in place.

VisionSite Wants to Help
VisionSite works with clients to provide a wide-range of services and we are always happy to discuss your web marketing goals at no cost.

Some of our services include:

•  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•  Branding strategy and design
•  Email marketing and eNewsletters
•  Online Reputation and Social Media Management (ORM/SMM)
•  Mobile websites

Contact VisionSite today at (866) 525-9500 (toll- free) or send us an email at
VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500

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