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VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500
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Social Media and SEO
The Internet has always been a medium for connecting to other people. In the early days when everyone on the Internet was connected by phone lines there was the BBS (Bulletin Board System). Basically, this was small groups using command based text to communicate slowly. Over the years, technology has advanced, now with the availability of wireless networking and ever increasing speeds. The trend in reaching out has evolved into the social networking we see today, from Facebook to Twitter (the President tweets!), Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Classmates, and so on.

With social media becoming ever more popular, some organizations are at risk to stay in touch with the most critical piece of their overall web marketing strategy - their website. As obvious as this may sound, businesses sometimes forget that their website should serve as the foundational component that drives and supports all of their other online efforts, not the other way around. While Facebook, Twitter, and so on, can be highly effective, their goal is to provide additional methods for the business to connect with their clients and get them to the ultimate destination, the website. A Facebook page or blog cannot provide the in-depth content, detail, and strategic messaging that a website can. Numerous businesses are establishing pages looking to be 'liked,' and carrying live blog posts and 'tweets' back to their home websites.

Is this really helpful for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign? SEO is the process in which a website is modified and promoted to appear at the top of the rankings in the major Internet search engines. Some search engines especially like the links from your friends and your social networks group; those who speak about you and your website. Even the search giant Google, used by nearly 80% of the searches on the web, has thrown its hat into the social networks ring by tapping into your social network to make their search results more relevant. Google will pull in relevant posts from connections on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, blogs and personal websites (Facebook has its own "social search" connection to Microsoft's Bing). The addition of blog posts and Twitter feeds can add content to your website targeted to specific traffic. Well written and received posts can even have the effect of increasing back links to your website as others are inspired to reference your eloquent expressions in their own posts and websites.

Bottom line: most companies benefit by having an active social networking strategy.

VisionSite has a great deal of experience in developing effective and proven SEO strategies; we would be happy to discuss options with you to help you achieve your ranking goals and objectives. Contact us today!
Website Performance on Mobile Devices
More and more people today are using their smart phones to access the Internet. It used to be that people mainly accessed the Internet from their computers or laptops. In 2013, however, it reached a tipping point, where over 50% of all online searches were generated using mobile devices. That statistic is likely higher today. So equipping your website with a mobile version is a very important piece.

An important part of that piece for us here at VisionSite is also to host the website on our custom CMS (content management system). CMS systems are website hosting platforms that, if you choose, will allow you to manage the content on the pages of your website without having to know HTML code. The advantage of a CMS platform is that it gives you the ability to constantly add to, and/or update the content presented on your website. This allows more flexibility for the client to easily make changes in content or images themselves. By moving to our CMS which was created with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as part of the foundation of the platform, you will have a triple responsive design, meaning your website will appear at it's optimum, regardless if it is being viewed on a conventional desk top computer, table or ipad, or smartphone.

Historically, the single draw back with CMS platforms was poor performance in Search Engine rankings. VisionSite has answered that shortfall by developing a CMS platform that utilizes the most advanced SEO techniques at its foundation, and provides advanced SEO tools.

The VisionSite platform also provides mobile friendly versions of the website automatically. This means that once a change is made on the main website that change appears on the mobile version automatically!

If you would like more information about converting your website to this new platform, contact us!

Three tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your website:

Fresh Content - How long has it been since the website was last updated? Just like your Facebook page, you need to keep content on the website updated in order to maintain visitor interest.

Message Consistency - Are your social media pages and blogs saying the same thing as your website? It is critical that your targeted content from the website is carried over into all of your other channels.

Optimization - Is your website easy to find on Google? Blogs and social media can only boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts if there is already a solid strategy for the website in place.

VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500

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