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VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500
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Designing a Stand Out Website with Your Developer
When preparing to design a website with your developer, there are many aspects to consider. A common misconception is to wait until the design is completed to begin writing content. However, writing your content before the design is delivered will ensure a more direct and distinct clientele. A designer’s job is far easier and more effective for the business owner if the content is gathered first so your business does not have to try and adapt or redefine its message based on the graphics or pictures that are already present. Changing the look of the website after the fact can incur costly coding (and recoding) charges.

When designing your website, keep in mind that color communicates certain subliminal messages to audiences and potential supporters. The color red for instance, signifies power, energy and force, while the color blue is often used by many banking institutions for the strong message of dependability, security and trust that it emotes. Design shapes are also important for setting the tone. Your web design team can help you further explore these visual website options.

Making decisions on how you want your business’ website to look and communicate is achieved more efficiently when there is an existing “script” to work from and to form a cohesive and relevant website. Identify your company’s top three website goals. Ask yourself questions such as, what strategy do you want to implement for website visitors and prospective clients, and what actions do you want them to take?

Communicating with your web team what you care about in your business is crucial. What are your business goals? Defining these goals will sprout communication goals while meeting with the developers. Once these goals are formulated, the web designers can determine how best to achieve these ends. Your website is a tremendous business asset and if you care about your business, you should care about your website. The balance then, is meeting these business objectives while also meeting the needs of the users visiting your site. The crux of it all comes down to whether the end product motivates significant action for the benefit of both the shopkeeper and the consumer who will virtually walk through your front door.

After writing the content, planning your design and structure, the next step is to take a look at potential special features you may want for the website. These may include things such as, do you want your website to be mobile-friendly? Do you want to be able to display video on the site? Will you need special forms for your visitors to fill out? (These forms are very common among doctors’ offices). What other type of functionality do you want in the site?

Ask yourself, what action(s) you want your readers to take after looking at this website. It’s about them, not you. If the only message they receive is that it’s all about your business’ accomplishments, looks, and future plans, they are unlikely to take any action that will drive them to your office. The thought used to be that websites were just a static place where visitors could access information about a particular company. That is not true. Websites should be purposeful, interactive, and up to date. For example, having out of date postings does not do any good for your visitors, and if they see or feel that your website is not updated frequently, they likely won’t return often, if at all.

One final consideration a plan to promote your website before it’s finished. Does your business mainly run on referrals? How can you follow up on former or current customers to generate more business? Collect testimonials, offer incentives/discounts for patients/customers referred and continue that practice on your website. Networking meetings, seminars, and speeches may all be good ways to attract attention toward your website.

If you are interested in creating a new website, VisionSite can help! We have a variety of customers varying from small business, nonprofits, to attorneys, and doctors. Contact us today and we can help you get started!
What Social Media Can Do to Drive Your Business Forward
"There's no doubt social media is expanding more and more with every passing day. Already, 73% of Americans have a social media profile. What are you doing to reach and convert them? If you can't honestly say you're giving social media marketing your best effort, the tips below will help you reach master status in as little as 30 days."

Social media marketing for your business or organization helps secure its brand, helps it become an industry frontrunner in conversation, and moves your target audience with their message. Attaining actual results from devoting a few clicks, engaging in commentary, and answering customer questions on a regular basis is possible if quality content is posted. Content that can build community and attract virtual followers is far more essential to influencing behavior than is posting massive amounts. Quality over quantity is the phrase social media experts repeat when advising entrepreneurs on this subject. There are several good reasons why this is true.

Developing trust and a following requires quality content. When people trust that the content is reliable and relevant they will become social media followers and fans of an organization. It's probable that those who become fans or followers of yours do so because they first identified with some posts before making that decision. Your reputation gradually builds through your social media posts and/or tweets, and whether it's a reputation relevant to the consumer, and your target audience, depends on what type of effort your company puts forth. Posting often without paying attention to the relevance or reliability of your information will cause your audience to ignore your posts or stop following you altogether.

Knowing your audience and engaging them is essential to having quality content. Social media is meant to be captivating and communal. More social media engagement in organizations can translate into greater brand awareness, considerable traffic to your site, and more commerce. Seek posts with qualities that people view, like, and share, in order to grow your brand and drive traffic back to your marketing funnel. One example of generating brand interest is taking an opinion poll or asking for ideas to participate in the developing of a new product.

So how can you ensure quality when it comes to the content your organization is posting on social media? "Sofware platforms like HubSpot can help you identify the channels and content that drive business growth." Consider what your organization is posting. Is it helpful information your target audience wants? Is the topic relevant to what your audience is looking for or talking about? What are the analytics telling you? Not just the likes and shares, but the clicks and conversations too. Different audiences respond in different ways and what works for one industry may not work for another, but ultimately you want to show the time and effort you spend on social media marketing is contributing towards your business growth and company goals. Contact us today if you would like to include social media as part of your website.

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Holiday Reminder
As much as I dislike seeing Christmas decorations going up in the stores and malls before Halloween I thought it appropriate to have a sprig of holly now since this is the last scheduled eNewsletter for the year that we normally publish. It's time to send out a reminder that the VisionSite offices will be closed for Thanksgiving, and for the last two weeks in December again this year.

Those dates are Wednesday, November 25th (half day) through Sunday, November 29th for Thanksgiving, and the offices will be closed from the end of the business day on Friday, December 18th through Sunday, January 3rd, 2016. We'll be back on Monday, January 4th, and we will be monitoring the email account during each of these times for any urgent matters that may arise.

VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500

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