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VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500
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Mobile Accessing the Internet
The trends in how people interact with the internet and gather information has changed considerably over the past several years. The two most significant changes - use of mobile devices, and the influence of social media - have each benefited by the growth in the other. People now use their smartphones as their "Swiss Army Knife" for communication. Whether they want to locate a service, find a map, email a friend, or take a picture, smartphones are becoming the answer.

Increasing broad-band and Wi-Fi access and new capabilities have made smartphones the most popular and widespread tool for communication. As the public relies more heavily on these mobile devices the internet has become even more dependent on visual aspects such as original images and videos to maintain visitor engagement, while continuing to rely on relevant and original content for search engine rankings.

Here are a few of the facts:
  • Mobile-broad subscriptions have increased almost 5-fold since 2007.
  • About seventy-five percent of people now access the internet through their smartphone.
  • In 2010 smartphone sales were higher than PCs for the first time.
  • The smartphone boom in sales is directly linked with the increased speed and power found on these devices.
    • 1/2 of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.
    • The percentage of internet pages viewed by mobile devices has begun to double yearly.
    • Facebook & Social media account for an average of 2.7 hrs/day by 24% of users
Facebook, combined with Twitter and Social Messaging apps grew to 28% of time spent on mobile devices, up from 24% last year. Facebook's 101 million US daily mobile users make up 78% of its 128 million daily US users. The vast majority of smartphone users are young adults and business professionals with women 35-54 as the most active group in mobile socialization.

The bottom line is this: if your website is not mobile friendly you are probably losing business opportunities. If you are not sure how well your website is performing on today's smartphones, or want to refresh your website to take better advantage of this growing market segment, contact us!

Advances in SEO
Information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always changing. Searchmetrics recently came out with a report on the SEO ranking factors in 2013, highlighting new findings in SEO and new thought processes about SEO. Highlights of this report include:

Keywords - are losing their importance, especially in domain names, but also backlinks in the form of link texts. For example, it used to be that websites ranked higher with Google if their company name was in the domain, whereas now, that isn't proving to matter as much. Don't be mistaken; keywords are still important, but moreso now in the title and description, rather than just in the URL. This is summarized well in the Searchmetrics article in that, "Google remains a machine, even if the semantics of its algorithm are continuously being optimized." Keywords in the title should be placed as close to the front as possible. Selecting the right keywords is important – these can be looked up on Google Analytics.

Brands - are the exception to the rule. The decoupling and separation of the "brand" factor from the "keyword" factor has been put into practice quite well by Google.

Content - More text, especially unique text, along with the integration of additional media in the website have a positive effect on ranking. In Real Estate the slogans has always been "Location, Location, Location." In SEO the one constant ranking factor is "Content, Content, Content." More pages with more original relevant content. One of the most interesting new findings on SEO is that Google ranks higher with unique content on a website – including original photos (versus stock pictures) as well as video. As much unique content as possible is very helpful in allowing sites to rank higher.

In summary, Google favors quality, substance, and relevance of the search results. If you would like further information on SEO, are interested in exploring SEO features, or increasing your current features, please contact us!

What is a CMS?
CMS is the abbreviation used for content management system. CMS systems are website hosting platforms that, if you choose, will allow you to manage the content on the pages of your website without having to know HTML code. The advantage of a CMS platform is that it gives you the ability to constantly add to or update the content presented on your website.

Historically, the single draw back with CMS platforms was poor performance in Search Engine rankings. VisionSite has answered that short fall by developing a CMS platform that utilizes the most advanced SEO techniques at its foundation, and provides advanced SEO tools.

The VisionSite platform also provides mobile friendly versions of the website automatically. This means that once a change is made on the main website that change appears on the mobile version automatically!

If you want more information about converting your website to this new platform contact us!
VisionSite believes in positive, long-term relationships with our clients! As a full-service website company we can help you with all things internet. Email or call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you! | 866.525.9500

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